Pikaster NFT : How to Play & Earn MLS Tokens

Are you looking for a light game that you can play in your spare time? That's right! Jaka has a Pikaster game that is not only light and easy to play, but can also generate cryptocurrency.

The popularity of crypto games continues to increase in recent times. No wonder many developers are starting to explore this investment by presenting blockchain technology games.

Currently, various crypto games, such as Axie Infinity, are also available, which have succeeded in attracting many players. In addition to these games, apparently there are also many new games that are no less powerful, such as Pikaster.

Curious about Pikaster's gameplay and want to try it right away for profit? Before you start, you should first read the explanation on how to play Pikaster below!

About Pikaster NFT

Pikaster is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) based strategy card game. This game was developed by developer Metalland using blockchain technology and can generate crypto currency.

In terms of gameplay, Pikaster can be said to be similar to Axie Infinity which will invite you to fight using adorable monsters. Every monster in this game is a collectible NFT item.

In this game, you will act as a trainer called Pikamaster. You have to train Pikaster monsters which are equipped with different attributes, skills, and rarity levels.

Not only that, Pikamaster is also distinguished by six classes, including Grass, Bug, Water, Fire, Lightning, and Fighting. You can also create a new Pikamaster with the Breeding feature.

You can use each Pikaster to explore the open world just like in an Android adventure game. Not to forget, there is also a PvP mode to fight other players and fight for rewards.

Pikaster Featured Features

Besides being able to provide benefits in a fun way, Pikaster is also equipped with various features that make this game even more fun to play. What are these features? Check below!

  • Play-to-Earn: Pikaster is the best NFT game that you can play to earn passive income.
  • NFT: Collect various NFT Pikasters, then upgrade each NFT to get a lot of cash.
  • Marketplace: Find rare Pikaster NFT collections that are ready to be traded in the official Pikaster marketplace.

In-Game Currency & NFT Items

Before starting to play and invest in Pikaster, make sure you find out information on the price of tokens and NFTs being traded. Check the information below to find out the progress!

Pikaster Token Price Today

Pikaster has a native game token called Pikaster (MLS). As a basic token, Pikaster has 3 main objectives, namely utility, governance, and farming.

  • Utilities: Players earn MLS as a reward for in-game activities. Players can also use MLS tokens for NFT upgrades.
  • Governance: MLS holders have the right to participate in the determination of any policies related to playing or spending in games by means of a DAO.
  • Mining: NFT holders can earn MLS in return for mining activities, including providing liquidity and staking their MLS tokens.

Meanwhile, the price of Pikaster tokens (MLS) is equivalent to Rp. 5,465,- based on the CoinMarketCap website, Tuesday (7/6/2022). The price of the MLS token fell 8.58% in the last 24 hours.

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NFT Traded in Pikaster

This crypto money-making game presents the Pikaster monster as an NFT item that can be collected, exchanged, or traded in the marketplace. In the future, Pikaster could release more diverse NFTs.

How to Register Pikaster NFT

Before you can play Pikaster, you must register and create an account first. To know how to create a Pikaster account, please follow these steps!

  1. Go to the official Pikaster website or click here.
  2. Click the Play button.
  3. Click the Login button.
  4. Select Create New Account.
  5. Fill in the required data.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Done.

How to Play & Earn Crypto on Pikaster

Pikaster is an Android NFT game that you can play for passive income. However, you have to know how to play the right way so you can earn more money in this game.

In this game, you can collect Pikaster monsters as NFT items. Use Pikaster to adventure in the open world, collect resources, to fight against enemies.

In addition, Pikaster comes in two game modes, namely PvE against Bosses and PvP against other players. Every battle you win will reward you like MLS tokens.

MLS tokens can be used for breeding and improving Pikaster's attributes to make it stronger. That way, you can win the battle more easily. That's great, right?

The final word

Pikaster is a free NFT game without capital that will remind you of the game Axie Infinity: Origin. Here, you need to train Pikaster to give a more promising fighting performance.

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