This is the History and Creator of Mobile Legends

History of Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends is one of the most played MOBA games by Indonesian gamers. The popularity of this game itself cannot be separated from the fact that the game is specification-friendly so that even potato smartphones can still play it.

This game itself was first released in 2016 and immediately transformed into one of the best-selling games to date. Especially in Indonesia, ML first came on July 11, 2016. At that time, fans of this game immediately boomed and continued to increase until now.

In history, Mobile Legends won the Most Favorite Game of the Year award at the 2019 Indonesia Gaming Awards. Until now, the game is still maturing itself as one of the popular MOBA games.

Origin of Mobile Legends
In history, Mobile Legends itself comes from China or China. This game was developed by a developer from the Bamboo Curtain Country and started its expansion in 2016. Currently, ML is still held by developers from China, even though they have branch offices in Indonesia.

Currently, ML is still being developed by Moonton and has just made various changes to the game. So, don't be surprised if you look surprised by the game's changes.

ML creator

The creator of the Mobile Legends game is Moonton who is a developer from Shanghai, China. Moonton is the middle name of a company called Shanghai Moonton Technology Co,. Ltd.

Historically, Mobile Legends was developed not only by Shanhai Moonton Technology Co,. Ltd. This is because the development of this game was also carried out by Shanghai Mulong Network and Technology Co., Ltd.

So, it's no wonder why the game is able to continue to survive given the many support resources they can take advantage of. So, you certainly won't be bored with the various heroes in the game.

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