The First Super Mario Bros. Released in 1985

Video game is a graphic game that is now increasingly popular and much in demand by many people. Both children, teenagers, and adults enjoy playing video games through their smartphones or laptops. Currently, with the presence of the internet, the trend of online video games is increasing and people are interested in it.

However, before the variety of online games like today, there is one game that is said to be the forerunner to the development of video games, none other than Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. is a game released by Nintendo which was first released on September 13, 1985. It turned out to be an event that had a big impact on the video game industry that has grown to this day.

If you are one of the 90s generation, you are certainly no stranger to this game. Even though there are now many online games with various genres and storylines, Super Mario Bros. still shows its existence. In fact, it's said to be the biggest gaming hit of all time in history.

It is interesting to know the history and background of the release of the Super Mario Bros. game, which is still popular today. Reporting from the Ultimate Classic Rock website, here we summarize the history of the events of September 13 or the day the first Super Mario Bros game was released in 1985 that you can see.

Inspired by the Popeye Cartoon Character

The history of the events of September 13, which was the first day the Super Mario Bros. game was launched, began with the career of the video game company Nintendo, which had previously entered the Arcade market. With the Radar Scope game made by Nintendo, it managed to gain popularity in Japan, but unfortunately failed to attract many fans in the United States. Later, Nintendo commissioned young graphic artist Shigeru Miyamoto to create a new concept that could be reprogrammed in the previous Radar Scope game system.

Some time after that, Shigeru Miyamoto took inspiration from the classic cartoon Popeye, and created a new character and story, namely a carpenter who tries to save his love from the attack of a giant gorilla or Dongkey Kong. After the concept of the story and characters had been designed, Miyamoto finally gave the title of the main character 'Jumpman'.

Changed Name To Mario

The history of the events of September 13, or the first time the Super Mario Bros. game was released, continues. One night, while Miyamoto's team was working in a storage office in Seattle, a landlord suddenly came and demanded the rent that was due. The landlord's name was Mario. This name is then used as the name of the main character, replacing the term 'Jumpman'.

Following the success of Donkey Kong and its sequel Donkey Kong Jr., Mario got his own unique game with a new character, his brother Luigi. With new characters, the Mario Bros game is developed with a single page game screen where enemies evolve in each level. This game has also succeeded in being popular and much in demand by the public.

More Advanced Visuals and Features

The development of the Super Mario Bros. game has continued since the events of September 13 or the date of its first release. In this respect, Super Mario Bros. is developed by presenting a different scrolling screen style from its predecessors. Not only that, the Miyamoto team also created another feature that is more unique, namely the ability to hide that provides a new experience for every player.

In terms of visuals, Miyamoto also provides a more diverse appearance. Such as open air, open sky, underwater environment, and so on. In the design process, Super Mario Bros. did not use sophisticated computerized tools, but used stage images and entered data based on these images.

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Close to Human Experience

The events of September 13, or the date of the first release of the Super Mario Bros. game, turned out to be a milestone in the history of the biggest hit game that was popular in the community. Even today, Super Mario Bros. still shows its existence in the midst of an increasingly interesting and diverse game industry development.

This is because the narrative and characters of Super Mario Bros. are close to everyday life. In this case, Miyamoto admits that Mario is a kind of blue-collar hero who has abilities and weaknesses that are very connected to players.

The weakness of Mario Bros. who is afraid of heights certainly represents a lot of people. If there is a gap that must be jumped, they will try their best to survive the fear. With the characteristics of simplicity and experience, the interactive nature of the character with the player becomes close.

Adding Ability

Not satisfied with getting the title of the biggest hit game, since the events of September 13 as the first release day, the Nintendo Super Mario Bros team continues to develop various interesting features. One of them, features a power-up by eating mushrooms and the character can grow twice as big.

Not only that, this feature also increases the character's ability to withstand enemy attacks better. Of course, with various new features, it can provide a more unique and interesting playing experience for users.

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