The Best 4WD Tamiya Games On Android


Tamiya car games are mini car racing that had a boom in the early 1990-2000s. However, along with the times, car racing games began to be abandoned. Whereas in the past, the existence of Tamiya racing cars was very popular where almost all children had. Well, for those of you who have experienced the popularity of the Tamiya racing game, there are now many versions of the game. By playing this racing game, it's as if you will be pulled back in the time you played the Tamiya car first.

What is a Tamiya Car?

Tamiya car or 4WD is a Japanese-style racing car game that entered Indonesia in the 1980s. This dynamo car still exists even though it had time to compete with top games at that time. This is of course supported by various things. One of them is the anime cartoon Lets Go! who knows tamiya races in Indonesia. Uniquely this car was never sold in finished form. You must first assemble it from certain spare parts and components. You, as a player, must be smart in assembling and combining tools so that you can produce the greatest racing car.

However, for those of you who don't know, it turns out that Tamiya's name is not the name of the car. tamiya is the name of the company and the name of the car is 4WD. Despite the name cross, the Tamiya Mini 4WD is a challenging toy. Because the effort put into making it a car that runs fast requires a lot of attention from all aspects. Such as tire diameter, type of tire used, appropriate gear size for circuit conditions, model and type of bearing, capacity, brand of battery, and all other spare parts.

Currently, many Tamiya car games have been transferred to smartphones. Where you can play this game on your cellphone both Android and iOS cellphones. The following are the recommendations for the latest Tamiya car game 2020 for Android and iOS.

1. Mini Legend-Mini 4WD Simulation Racing Game

Mini Legend is a game where players take on the role of a mini 4WD car racer. In this game, players will compete in racing and compete for the customization skills of the mini car, either in a single player Story Mode story, or against other players online. The cool thing is, if a player makes a mistake in setting his Mini 4WD, it could be that while racing, the mini car flies off the track.

If you want to play this game, how to play it is also quite easy. You as a player simply hold your finger on the start button, the light turns green, then release the touch at that time. If you hold the car and release at the right timing, your 4WD car will slide as fast as lightning. Meanwhile, if the player makes a mistake, his 4WD car will run slower than usual.

Not only playing alone or single player, you can also fight other players in the game. In addition, you can also choose an avatar, both male and female avatars. With this avatar, players can enjoy the world of Mini Legend, from mini 4WD racing matches in 3D, to the detailed customization of their mini cars. Outside of matches, this game appears using anime-style artwork which, although static, is still pleasing to the eye.

Since Mini Legend is a competitive game, it's not wrong if this free-to-play game requires players to play online. Unfortunately, like online games in general, Mini Legend also takes advantage of the stamina feature in the form of a battery. This battery serves as a limit to the player's race, and if it runs out, the player must wait a long time before being able to play again. Microtransactions are provided for the purchase of premium currency Gems, where Gems can be used to purchase Gold for upgrades. One thing to note, this game is quite wasteful of Internet quota and should be played using WiFi.

2. APEX Racer-Slot Car Racing

Besides Mini Legend, next is APEX Racer which is a tamiya car racing game where you will compete with the speed of your mini 4WD car. You can upgrade and replace various parts such as motors, chassis, wheels, wheels, tires, and others. You can also customize the appearance of your car's color and collect other types of cars. For tamiya lovers be sure to try this game.

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The use of this game is also very easy. Where you can adjust the speed of your car as you go, where you choose between maneuvers to take the competition with a real-time racing system. You can also activate your car's special abilities at key moments in the race.

There are various modes that you can use in this game. Among them are PVP and team racing, allowing you to compete solo or with friends for the top rankings. Then, Relay Races where 1 player each with 3 cars on 3 different tracks to test your tuning skills and endurance. Team Racing where Team vs Team races. You can also choose from over 30 car designs, race on 5 themed racing circuits with 20+ race tracks.

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