The 16 Best PS 2 Games of 2022! Come Back to Play!

Nostalgia isn't complete without games! Is there anything more exciting than playing games with friends? So, here are 15 of the best 2021 PS2 games that you must play with friends!

In the past, where were ordinary netizens like us, or assembling our own gaming PC. The busiest is at the internet cafe or if not, it's at PS rental.

Hang out, fill free time, holidays, holidays, until you stay up late when your parents pick you up at the internet cafe or PS rental. And the most exciting games in those years were just PS2 games.

So, if you still have a PS2 until now, don't miss playing these 15 cool games!

As we said, there are so many types of games on the PS2. Each genre, must have the most popular games.

1. Resident Evil 4

I'm not sure if you don't know this game! This game made by CapCom has successfully become the main attraction by presenting a unique story plot.

Not only do you have to survive, you also have to be able to solve some fairly difficult puzzles. In addition, your adrenaline will continue to be driven because of the mutated and stronger zombies!

Don't forget, your mission is to bring Asley William home safely! Don't worry, there are friends who can help. Like Louis Sera and Ada Wong!

This game is one of the best PS2 games in the world with sales of up to 91 copies worldwide.

2. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Fight 5

Childhood can't be separated from Naruto. This anime and manga by Masashi Kishimoto is really a loyal friend to fill spare time, vacation and relax with family.

It was because of this popularity and hype that Naruto Shippuden was finally made into the game. In fact, this game sold well and became the best PS2 game of its era.

There are lots of characters in the series that you can play, complete with their skills and moves. In fact, you can also be assisted by partners or assists when fighting.

If you're really good at playing VS battle, try playing story mode. There, you will act as Naruto with a mission to find Sasuke in Orochimaru's cage!

Did you succeed in inviting Sasuke to move to his hometown?

3. Shadows of the Colossus

Now, you know that some games have series that are included in the best game consoles like PS2, Game Boy to Nintendo.

This is different from Shadow of the Colossus. This cool game was deliberately created specifically for PS2 gamers and fans.

The story is, you will act as a prince who tries hard to revive a dead lover. So, you must defeat the titan who will take your life in exchange for saving the lover.

So sweet! So don't be surprised if the fantasy story is really attached!

4. Dynasty Warriors 4

This is the best PS2 game, which is Basara's rival and is one of the most popular. You see, the graphics provided and the storyline are more logical and real.

This game takes the background of the Chinese empire which was released in 2007 ago. This RPG game was developed by Omega Force in collaboration with the first developer, Koei.

There are so many characters that you can choose as a hero. Of course, they have different skills and rage. Not only the characters, you can also choose from a variety of cool weapons. The graphics are also pretty good.

5. Final Fantasy X

In the past, PS 1 was still really bad, now Final Fantasy has been wrapped with cool designs and graphics. The fantasy storyline is so intense that many gamers like to play this game.

If you look at the number of sales or sales, Final Fantasy X has also been nominated for the best game. You see, there have been around 8 million copies sold since this game was released in 2001.

Not only popular on PS2, this Final Fantasy series has also appeared and is widely played on Game Boy Advanced. So, don't be surprised if this RPG game from Square Inc is the best option for PS2 gamers.

6. Tekken 5

Do you really like playing games with the fighting genre? If so, try installing this cool game again.

Unlike the previous version which was still 2-dimensional, this game made by Namco on PS2 is already more serious with really cool graphics! In addition, there are many skill upgrades for each player! So, his fighting style is much more pronounced.

Actually, the story is about Iron Fist 5 and the Mishima family who always participate in fighting competitions. Not only battle, there are other menus that you can explore. Examples such as story mode, Jin Devil Within, to training.

Invite your friends to play and prove who is the best at playing combos! 

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7 The biggest increase in the PC version of God of War than the console


7. God of War 2

Kratos! Remember that guy with a white body and a red stripe who made the world go into an uproar because of his fighting skills?

Kratos came down to earth to stop the god of war, Ares! In this mission, you will face some strange and spooky characters like Medusa, Helios, and other Greek mythological creatures.

Until finally, you have to face the king of the Greek Gods, Zeus who forced your anger to peak!

The gameplay is also really cool. You can enjoy the sensation of fast-paced games and puzzles that you never thought of before.

So, get ready to face the attacks of the netizens and ancient Greek leaders, huh!

With how cool this game is, it is certain that God of War 2 is included in one of the best PS2 games. Agree?

8. Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

If you remember this game, you can't sleep. You see, you can find fatality and brutality that are really hard in Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks.

Moreover, this game is wrapped with bloody battles in dynamic scenes that are really cool. Yep, the environment that includes Outworld, Earthrealm, and Netherealm is the one that displays tough fighters with brutal skills.

The mechanics are all using weapons, so it's almost the same as Golden Ax and Double Dragon. Not only can you kill enemies, this environment will also suck your life if you get hit by that weapon.

Are you ready to fight friends? Playing alone is more exciting, whether it's in vs battle mode or even story mode.

9. GTA San Andreas 5 – Controversial Best PS2 Game

Admit it, who misses playing this game. GTA San Andreas 5 is indeed the best PS2 game that is not only enjoyed by Indonesian gamers, but also worldwide.

However, this game can't be separated from controversy. But the cool casing and the fun game environment make most gamers feel at home playing.

The story is fun too. Carl Johnson, a member of the Groove Street Family Gang, has returned from prison and received news that his mother has died. Finally, he decided to move to Los Santos and that's where the story begins.

GTA won't be fun without cheats, right? You can bring anything to carry out the mission until it succeeds. There are cheat tanks, jetpacks, and flying cars. You can also summon other characters like Iron Man, Naruto, and even Spongebob!

10. Guitar Hero

Want to compete with speed and hand accuracy skills? Guitar Hero is the place!

Even though you can't play music, at least you can have fun playing while listening to your favorite music in this best PS2 game. There are many genres for you to choose from, from pop, rock, to Indonesian dangdut!

In addition to the VS battle menu, you can also practice alone or use career mode. Choose your favorite character and see where they are in action when your mana is full!

No wonder this game has become a separate icon for Activision.

11. Black – Best PS2 Shooter Game

Now is the time for the battlefield on PCs and smartphones, right? A little bit of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, or Fortnite and CSGO.

In the past, not many people knew these games. In the past, there was a lot of playing Black on PS 2. This game made by EA Games has reaped several achievements because of its destructive sound environment.

So, you can't stay camping in a house or building for a long time. You see, there are elements that can explode like a gas tank, to a nuclear furnace.

In addition, you will be faced with enemies who are shooting at you from all directions. Their weapons are also no joke! Heavyweight snipers with one-shot-one-kill power, assault rifles to shotguns that can knock your legs off!

The cool thing is, in some scenes you have to kill the enemy quietly so that the chaos doesn't explode. You see, in that scene you are a single player.

Each scene also has different weapons that you use, such as UZI, MP5, Colt M16, to Walter 2000! If you run out of amo, just throw it away and use the enemy's weapon that you killed!

12. Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

Treyach is very popular with the Call of Duty shooter game that was released by Activision, right? Only the original, there is the Call of Duty 2: Big Red One series which has gone viral before.

If you study history, you will definitely understand that this game was originally about the world war between the US or America against Nazi Germany in North Africa. The main characters include Roland Roger, Cap. Bloomfield 'Brooklyn', Hawkin, Capt. Delaney, as well as PVP. Smith.

Not only Germany, but also other axis countries such as Italy and France that have joined the axis wings.

The cool thing is, this game is wrapped with a very scorching death drama. You can also feel the sensation of vehicle weapon war which makes this game even more exciting!

13. Winning Eleven

I don't know what Konami management has in mind, so he can think of a game that will become the best PS2 game of all time?

Yep, Winning Eleven is one of the most played games single or together with friends. Besides being able to play together, you can also choose from a variety of exciting menus. For example, just like the Cup, League, to the Master League.

The cool thing is, you can edit the player's abilities and skills at will, then save the edits on the memory card. In the past, there were a lot of people whose abilities were replaced by all 99. So, it is certain that your opponent will be defeated!

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7 The biggest increase in the PC version of God of War than the console


Even so, many say that Winning Eleven is a bit imaginary. You see, the game is made fast-paced, so it feels like it's going really fast to the goal. Then, the kick is also super hard!

14. PES – Best PS2 Soccer Game

Realizing his shortcomings in Winning Eleven, Konami expanded into Pro Evolution Soccer or more popularly known as PES. The graphics are also really cool with almost the same face and physique as the original.

In addition, you can also access the same menu as Winning Eleven. In fact, in this series, you can play a menu called Become a Legend, where you will have a football career.

First, you will play for a team that is not very popular. Those matches that get you up to the premier league based on the league you choose.

In addition, you can also export and import players if there are transfer rumors but your game hasn't been updated yet!

The graphics, environment, and skills that are close to real are why PES is the best PS2 game and shifts Winning Eleven.

15. NFS Most Wanted Black Edition

Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition is the best and most exciting PS2 racing game where you can feel the sensation of being chased by the police because of a wild race. The cool thing is, this game has succeeded in combining CGI and live action.

The mission, you must beat 15 blacklists. It's tough but very challenging! You see, each racer on the blacklist has different skills. Some invite drag, some drift, until some sprint!

You have to fight to meet the requirements in the form of bounties, milestones to the number of racing you have to follow just to face the Blacklist.

Cool graphics, blaring sound effects (especially the cool rock soundtrack) and satisfying gameplay, able to sell 16 million copies worldwide.

So, don't be surprised if this game is nominated for the best PS2 game of all time.

16. NFS Underground 2

This is the NFS series before Most Wanted Black Edition. So, the graphics are still pure CGI. Just so you know, this game is a bonus series from Burnout 3: Takedown, a fun crash game.

This is where the SUV was introduced to the gaming world for the first time. Then, you can also make modifications as you wish and have no effect on the performance of your engine. In fact, this visual design is a requirement for you to be able to move up to a higher level.

In addition to the exterior design, you can also customize the engine, such as nitro, suspension, to engine mods. So, your car will be more agile and stable.

In this game, you can also enter the Underground Racing League and Street X modes which are no less exciting than the career menu.


After all, I miss the PS2 days. Indeed, the graphics are not as perfect as Android games or games on PS4. However, the story and the nostalgia are what make it happen.

Oh yeah, if you like genres that are quite heavy, you can try the best strategy games, right. You see, on PS2 there are very few games of this genre.

So, maybe this is it for now, let's share this time. Don't miss our latest update about the digital world and technology.

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