10 Best Lego Games That are a Must Try

Small pieces that can be arranged into any model with attractive colors are offered by Lego. This is also what makes game developers and creators endlessly resourceful to create games with the theme of Lego or Lego games. Various Lego games are provided with different game concepts and developers.

This Lego game is not only intended for children. The reason is, the ten best Lego games in Carisignal's version this time are more universal games and can be played by anyone, especially for you Lego lovers. Various forms of Lego are also presented to be ready to be played. Curious about the ten Lego games recommended by Carisignal? Check out the following review.

1. LEGO Duplo Train

This Lego game is recommended for children. In the game, LEGO® DUPLO® Train invites players to become a train engineer. Certainly a very fun experience for children to be a train controller.

In addition to controlling and driving a train, LEGO® DUPLO® Train will take players to get the experience of transporting goods using a driven train. Not only that, there will even be passengers who want to board your train.

Not satisfied with only transporting goods and passengers, LEGO® DUPLO® Train players can also build bridges with the help of trains. How to? Just try playing the game here.

2. LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise

Still with LEGO System A/S developers, not duels or action games. This time the game developer presents a game that is more educational for children and develops their creativity. By playing a game called LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise, players will be free to create Legos as they please.

Players can make various types of vehicles with this digital Lego. However, of course, to get Lego sets, players must first unlock them. How to unlock, of course, by completing each level that has been prepared. Interesting right? Download the game directly here, it's free!

3. LEGO Friends : Heartlake Rush

Well, if this LEGO® Friends game invites players to drive a car. While you're driving, you'll have to pick up and collect as many coins as you can on the road.

The more coins you collect, the more points you will receive. Well, these coins can also be used to decorate the car you are using. Oh yes, in this game also has many adorable characters you know. Come on, play the game here.


Fierce battles were also presented by playing the game LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™: MERLOK 2.0. This game, which has been downloaded almost 200,000 times on the PlayStore, offers fierce gameplay and exciting battles between NEXO knights and the antagonist Monstrox.

Tells that Monstrox and his stone soldiers attacked Knighton and tried to find forbidden powers. Of course it had to stop. Time for the NEXO knights to act and stop Monstrox! You will face off against enemies and have to knock them out. Ready? If you are ready, directly download it here.

5. LEGO Star Wars : TCS

In the previous paragraph there is also a LEGO game with a concept from the Star Wars movie. Well, if LEGO Star Wars ™ is a paid version of the game. What's the difference between paid and free LEGO Star Wars™ games? Of course the features of this paid game are more complete.

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In this game, you can enjoy more than 36 storylines equipped with more interesting storyline bonuses. Not only that, you can even choose and use more than 120 characters that have been provided in LEGO® Star Wars™. So, interested in buying the game?

6. LEGO Harry Potter

Popular films like Harry Potter also have their own version of the LEGO game concept. This time the game is named LEGO Harry Potter. Here, you can follow the storyline that matches the Harry Potter films. You can choose to be Harry, Ron, or Hermione.

Uniquely again, not only following the storyline in the film, you will also go on an adventure to hone your skills in magic. But unfortunately, the story in the LEGO Harry Potter game only presents the storyline of the Harry Potter films from the first year to the fourth year.


Something hidden can vary, but it's more about ghosts. But unfortunately, not all LEGO toys can be scanned by LEGO® HIDDEN SIDE™ because only certain LEGO toys and special editions can be scanned, yes. Well, if you have a special LEGO toy, try a scan and find the ghost hidden in your LEGO toy!

8. LEGO Jurassic World

Well, come again a Lego game that carries the characters from the film. This time Lego® Jurassic World ™ carries the characters in the film Jurrasic Park. In this game, it has a game concept where you will adventure on an island full of dinosaurs.

There are more than 16 dinosaurs who are ready to pounce on you at any time. Be careful, do not be killed by animals such as triceratops, raptor, company and T. Rex. The animals are ready to eat you alive, still survive!

9. LEGO Tower

Another fun LEGO concept game to play, the name of the game is LEGO® Tower. This is a game created by developer NimbleBit LLC. The concept of playing is very exciting, especially for those of you who really like games to build a city with neat buildings.

In LEGO® Tower the player's task is to design buildings in a city. All existing buildings must be designed and conceptualized by players, ranging from office buildings, apartments, hospitals, schools, and many more. If you're bored in your own city, you can also visit other LEGO® Tower players' cities! Come on, play this free game here!

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10. LEGO Star Wars : TFA

If previously the Lego System A/S developed a Lego -themed game accompanied by the film Star Wars, now Developer Warner Bros. International Enterprises also does not want to be outdone by carrying a Star Wars themed Lego game. This game that offers an adventure genre presents interesting stories like the one in the film Star Wars.

Here the player will be allied to be a good character who will fight Dath Vader. You can choose the characters you want to use such as Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, and BB-8, Kylo Ren Bahkangeral Hux. Of course various missions have been prepared by Lego® Star Wars ™: TFA. Want to play it? Download the game here.

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