Soul Seeker Defense: NFT Tower Defense game with RPG Character Money Producing!

Soul Seeker Defense is an Android NFT game that can be played by carrying the concept of Play-to-Earn (P2E). You can get a real cryptocurrency as a gift, gang.

NFT game trends with a variety of exciting gameplay are indeed more often we can find. In addition to getting entertainment from playing games, the players can also invest in it.

This NFT game was built on a blockchain network with a combination of free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanisms. So, you can play the game for free alias without the need for capital. 

Master and use the skills you have to get tokens just by playing or betting. Interested? Check out the following reviews from Jaka to find out how to play soul seeker defense NFT.

About Soul Seeker Defense

Soul Seeker Defense is an online game of defense towers and cards that can make players benefit in the form of crypto. There is an adorable RPG style character in the game.

Players can get real crypto tokens as a gift for battle victory, Quest Achievements, Staking. The higher the strength, achievement, and level of the player arena, the more tokens that can be obtained.

Players must form a strong team consisting of 5 different heroes to take part in battle. You and the team will fight the terrible invaders to maintain the area.

Monster or opponents will become stronger so that players can also increase their strength. You do this by calling additional characters and combining it or using a magic card with a unique effect.

Soul Seker Defense resources are Gold, Dias, and Soul which are single crypto tokens in this game and on the exchange. Interestingly, here you can make thousands of team combinations from available characters.

  • Currently, the NFT Soul Seeker Defense game has been officially released and available on Google Play for you to download and play for free. As for some of the important features available in this NFT game, including:
  • Collect Charming Heroes and Magic Cards: You can fight to be able to get a strong character and magic card. The more heroes collected, the more combinations can be made.
  • Compete with other players online: You can meet other players in real time to fight. Here, you have the opportunity to gain Cuan by winning the duel.

Upgrade NFT Heroes and Battle Skins: Just play the game to get the soul token and use it to improve the strongest legendary heroes in your team. The opportunity to get profits is getting bigger.

In-Game Currency & NFT Items

Before starting to play and invest in Soul Seeker Defense, make sure you find out the price information of the token and NFT that are traded. You can check the information below to find out clearly its development.

1. Today's Token Soul Price

Soul Seeker Defense uses a token named soul token which is set to be distributed correctly to the player. This token also plays a role in the future to keep the economy in the game healthy.

Unfortunately, detailed information about prices along with the development of soul token on crypto asset tracking sites such as Coinmarketcap and Cointecko is not yet available. However, you can do this token staking through the official game site.

This staking process involves inevitable transaction gas costs and is the responsibility and risk of users themselves. You also have the right and free to attract the number of staking at any time.

This soul token itself is based on binance smart chain and supports staking functions. You can do the staking process through this page.

You can monitor the latest developments, including information about the requirements for participating from the official website. So, you should often check if you seriously want to play it.

2. NFT assets in soul seeker defense

Soul Seeker Defense has NFT assets that you can use when exploring this world later. The following is a list of NFT Soul Seeker Defense assets that can be your passive income:

  • Legendary Grade Characters: There are various characters with RPG style that you can get. These various characters are NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets that can be traded.
  • Magic cards: Just like character items, you can collect various magic cards. Various cards that were successfully obtained were valuable NFT assets for their owners.
  • Exp Potion: is one item that is not less important, in this game you can find a concoction called Exp Potion. This item is also one of the assets in the in-game.

How to play and get crypto on soul seeker defense

When defeating your opponent, increasing character, and finding a new card, players will get more soul token. The opportunity to collect more substantial prizes becomes bigger.

Direct battle and completing the search mission allows players to immediately get soul. In addition, the top ranking will also get game revenue every month.

You can produce soul token if you win the match or complete an interesting daily mission. Up to 20% of the total income is distributed for players from ranking 1-1000.

You can use Soul to improve and buy legendary heroes, exclusive crates, battle skins, and join the top ranking. Soul can also be used to exchange NFT in the NFT marketplace.

The final word

Soul Seeker Defense became an exciting NFT game played, especially for those of you who really like the Tower Defense concept game. You can collect various RPG and Magic Card characters with unique elements.

Every character that you can get will be practiced next to increase the level to win PVP battles. Interestingly, you don't need to spend capital to be able to play here, gang!

Besides Soul Seeker Defense, there are some of the best NFT games without capital that you can also play. To find out this information, you can check the following Jaka article, yes.

Soul Seeker Defense Price

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