8 Advantages of Using Windows 11

Microsoft officially launched its latest operating system, Windows 11. Windows 11 was just announced in June 2021 which certainly has many advantages using Windows 11. Windows 11 is the latest version of the successor to the previous version, Windows 10. In the previous version, Microsoft has enjoyed success where Windows 10 has been installed all over the place.

The advantages of Windows 11 are:

1. New Windows 11 Design View
The appearance on Windows 11 is more fresh, compared to the previous version. The Start Menu button is also by default now on the middle side. For the transparent icon design, it is smoother and looks more modern and minimalist and there are also many features to make operation easier. For information on the time and date and the network is still on the right.

2. Display Settings menu in Windows 11 is simpler
Display Menu is simpler, concise, elegant, practical and easy to use. The settings menus are lined up neatly on the left and right. Making it easier for the user or users, more quickly access the features or menus that they want to use.

3. There is a Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11
This feature, helps users in managing multiple windows when they are multi-tasking, or doing many jobs at the same time that makes users comfortable by presenting Snap Layout. Setting the layout of the window So that there is no need to manually set a lot of windows, because it has been made automatically by a team of Microsoft developers.

4. There is an Auto HDR Mode feature
The Auto HDR Mode feature in Windows 11, is great for gamers who have monitors with built-in HDR features. The appearance in the game will be more realistic, elegant and pleasing to the eye.

5. Direct Storage feature in Windows 11
The Direct Storage feature is useful for maximizing the speed of the NVMe SSD, to speed up game loading, and also increase the frame rate / FPS in the game.
The benefits of this technology are certainly very helpful for gamers, who play PC/Laptop games.

6. Security Enhancement
As we know, the minimum specification to run Windows 11 requires one of the features that must be on your PC/Laptop, namely TPM 2.0.
With this feature requirement, it will certainly make our PC / Laptop even more secure, and reduce the level of damage caused by malware or hacker attacks.

7. Integrated with Teams
Windows 11 will integrate with Teams, Microsoft's video conferencing and messaging tool. Users will find it easier to access Teams on Microsoft. Teams is a cross-platform application that can be accessed on Android or iOS and Windows

8. Can run Android applications
Users can run Android applications on Windows without having to use the help of an emulator. Various Android applications can be found on the Microsoft Store and downloaded via the Amazon App Store. Once downloaded, the application can be pinned to the taskbar to then be paired with other applications.

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