7 The biggest increase in the PC version of God of War than the console

God of War reboot version which was released in 2018 ago is considered as one of the best PlayStation 4 games which also marks the return of Kratos after "sleeping" for years. The story, combat system, world design and visual quality are some of the reasons why many players are amazed by God of War.

After being exclusive to consoles for approximately four years, God of War has finally arrived on another platform, namely PC. As a game released on a platform that is not limited to consoles, of course God of War comes with several improvements, especially in terms of visuals. Here's a more complete review.

1. Customizable visual settings

When it comes to story or content, the PC version of God of War is completely similar to the console version. The experience offered is basically the same, but there is one big improvement that makes the PC version of God of War very different, namely the option to change some of the visual settings.

God of War PC version offers a myriad of options for players to customize the visual quality of God of War. That way, players who may only have a mid-end PC can still enjoy God of War even if they have to sacrifice visuals.

2. True or native 4K resolution

PS4 Pro comes with a more capable performance so that games like God of War can run more smoothly and spoil the eyes. 4K is one of the main selling points of the PS4 Pro, but 4K on the PS4 Pro is not native 4K but "simulated" 4K considering that the PS4 Pro itself is still limited.

Fortunately, the same thing doesn't happen on PC where the PC version of God of War can be played in native 4K resolution. In other words, the PC version of God of War's visual acuity is much better than the PC version even though both are 4K. In addition to 4K, the PC version of God of War can also be played up to 8K resolution.

3. The presence of DLSS (NVIDIA) and FSR (AMD) features

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) for NVIDIA GPUs and FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) for AMD GPUs, are technologies that allow games to perform at their best visually, but frame-rate or performance is not a victim. God of War is one of the newest PC games which, fortunately, has the support of these two technologies.

This is certainly very encouraging, considering that usually players have to choose between good visuals but low fps or normal visuals but stable fps. A little note, please note that only a few GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD have been equipped with this technology.

4. Support for ultra-wide screen

In addition to technology that keeps game performance stable even though visual quality is maximized, support for ultra-wide screens is also one of the new features brought by the PC version of God of War, which was not previously available on consoles. With God of War being so cinematic, being able to enjoy Kratos' journey and brutal action on the big screen makes every scene feel alive and feels like you're watching a movie instead of a game. This upgrade may not be for all players – as it can only be enjoyed on monitors with ultra-wide or wide screens – but it deserves to be included in this list nonetheless.

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5. Higher frame-rate

One of the biggest problems with consoles is that engine components can't be upgraded so there are limitations like frame-rates they can't get past. The console version of God of War itself only runs at 30fps, which may be unsatisfactory and smooth for some players.

Fortunately, the PC as an unlimited platform, allows God of War to be able to get past that limitation. Instead of just 60fps, the PC version of God of War can run up to 120fps (depending on specifications and visual settings), which is a frame-rate that of course makes the gaming experience more immersive.

6. Better texture quality

Even though it was released on platforms with limited specifications like PS4, God of War is still able to look stunning and is considered one of the PS4s with the best visuals to date. The cool thing is, the already stunning visual quality has been improved again on the PC.

One of the most noticeable and significant is that the quality of the textures of the characters and the world is much sharper. Of course, this upgrade can only be enjoyed by a few players, especially those who can play God of War at the highest visual settings, but it's still one of the most significant and worth discussing.

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7. More detailed shadows

Shadows are one part of the visual that can improve the overall gameplay experience. The shadow of God of War on the console version is actually good, but it is improved again in the PC version with better details.

The world that God of War carries looks real when the shadow settings are set at the highest option, making it visually pleasing to the eye as well as gameplay. Just like the much improved and sharper textures, the more detailed and lifelike shadows are one of the most visible and best improvements that the PC version of God of War brings.

That was a review of some of the biggest improvements to the PC version of God of War when compared to the console version. For those who are interested in God of War on PC, you can directly buy it via Steam. Happy gaming!

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