6 Games with the Most Realistic Graphics of All Time

Along with the development of technology in the game world, the presentation of realistic graphics has now become one of the supporting features so that people are interested in playing the game, gang.

So it's not only a matter of an interesting storyline, a number of small details seen in a game can basically make players more immersed while enjoying the game.

Based on this, it's no wonder that the series of console and PC games below are often referred to as one of the games with the most realistic gameplay graphics quality, you know.

So, what game titles are considered to have the most realistic graphics and gameplay? Here is the full review from Jaka. Cus, point!

1. Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima deserves to be called one of the best open-world RPG games ever booming, gang.

When playing this game, you will act as a samurai named Jin Sakai who protects Tsushima Island from the Mongol invasion.

Called very realistic because this game presents a view of Japan that is so beautiful. You will hear small details such as wind gusts or even small sounds in the forest, you know.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Are you a fan of Call of Duty games? If so, you will definitely agree that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the most realistic game ever developed by Infinity Ward.

One of the most important reasons is how luxurious this game's graphics are when showing the atmosphere of the night, gang. You can also see the small details of every particle in it.

3. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 won a prestigious award in 2016, you know. This game has an interesting war story and presents gameplay graphics that make players feel at home.

The reason is, the nuances of war offered are very realistic, gang. In fact, you can also experience a traumatic battle while playing this game.

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The next game that has stunning graphics, again, comes from one of the Call of Duty series, gang. More precisely, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was released in 2020.

In fact, this war game is often referred to as one of the most realistic FPS games, especially in terms of set design and lighting.

This game is even more interesting with the background story of the war that took place in the early 80s when the cold war occurred.

5. GTA V

Maybe many will disagree if you call GTA V one of the games with the most realistic graphics. In terms of appearance, the characters themselves are not too special, or there are still many other game titles that look better.

But make no mistake, not all open-world games (especially with a map as wide as GTA V) have a modern urban world set design that looks the most natural and straightforward, you know. Do you agree with Jaka's opinion?

6. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the best car racing games that has the best graphics quality, gang. Even the appearance of the trailer alone has amazed people, you know.

Whether it's in terms of lighting, shadows, to the reflection of objects that are presented, they look real like they are racing in the real world. Crazy!

The final word

So that was a series of games that present the most realistic graphics to date, gang. If you haven't played one or more of the games above, then ApkVenue highly recommends the game titles above!

Hopefully with the presence of these games, the best PC and console game developers will be increasingly competing in improving the quality of their gameplay graphics, yes.

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