20 Best PS 1 Games in History. Let's reminisce now!

Remember the PlayStation 1 games like Gran Turismo 2, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, and also Silent Hill? Yup, those are some of the best, most exciting and most legendary PS1 games ever, and always make me miss playing again.

When you mention the titles of these games, your memories immediately go back to the old school days, right? The fun moments when playing the PlayStation 1 console with friends can't be forgotten.

Apart from offering nostalgia, some of the funnest PS1 games also have interesting gameplay or stories. So don't be surprised if at any time you want to try to play it again.

For those of you who are looking for the most popular PS1 games to play, Telset has compiled the 20 best and unforgettable legendary PS1 games that you can play to remember the good times playing PS1 games with friends.

Currently, it may be a bit difficult to find a PlayStation 1 game console, because it is no longer produced and sold by Sony. Fortunately, there are still emulators that you can use, friend!

There are the best PS1 emulators available on the Google Play Store for Android as well as the App Store for iOS. Well, here is a list of the most popular and best unforgettable PS1 games that you can play now.

1. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Who has never played Harvest Moon: Back to Nature? If not, we highly recommend trying to play it now. This Harvest Moon Back to Nature game is one of the most popular and legendary PS 1 games that can be said to be iconic.

In this Harvest Moon Back to Nature game, you will act as an owner of a fairly large plantation. Apart from gardening, you can also raise cows and chickens, fish, or mine to earn an income.

The more diligently you play the Harvest Moon Back to Nature game, the bigger the coffers of money you have.

Similar to in real life, you are also required to socialize with neighbors in the surrounding environment. The fun thing is, you can also meet your idol in this game, and invite him to build a household.

2. Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is the most popular PS1 game in the third version of the fighting genre in the Tekken series. The game was released in arcades in March 1997, and for the PlayStation in 1998.

The original arcade version of the game was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 as part of Tekken 5's Arcade History mode. The game was released back in 2018 as part of the Sony PlayStation Classic.

Tekken 3 features a number of new characters, including the debut of several main characters, such as Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, and Hwoarang. There are twenty-three characters in total.

Tekken 3 is touted as one of the funnest PS1 video games and is even claimed to be the greatest game of all time. With over 8 million copies sold worldwide, Tekken 3 is the fourth best-selling PlayStation game.

3. Silent Hill

The next most popular PS1 game is Silent Hill. For those of you who like to test your courage, you must try Silent Hill to increase your adrenaline.

In addition to the nuances that can make hairs stand on end, you are still required to fight scary monsters.

The challenge does not end there, you are also required to complete puzzles to be able to complete this one game. Already scared, you still have to rack your brain to find a solution. Dare to try it?

4. Suikoden 2

For those of you fans of RPG genre games, Suikoden 2 is not to be missed. In fact, many people have labeled this game as one of the best RPG games out there, especially on the PS1 console.

Suikoden 2 tells the story of two friends who are very close. But in the middle of the road a conflict broke out that made the relationship between the two cracked.

The storyline and gameplay presented by Suikoden 2 received a lot of praise. So don't be surprised if this game is called one of the best PlayStation 1 games of all time.

5. Pepsiman

Pepsiman also became one of the iconic games that was present during the PS1. Your task in this game is very easy. You are only required to collect Pepsi cans that are scattered on the streets. But there will be obstacles that get in the way of the mission.

In the present, maybe Pepsiman's game is similar to endless run genre games, such as Temple Run or Jetpack Joyride.

The part that will always ring in your ears is the soundtrack from the Pepsiman game. Curious? Let's just try it right away.

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6. Crash Team Racing (CTR)

This game is very popular at its time. First released in October 1999, this spin-off of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy has immediately become a must-have game for 90s gamers because it is considered one of the funnest PS1 games.

So good, Crash Team Racing or CTR games can make the players forget to eat. Overacting? But that's the reality.

In this Mario Kart alternative racing game, we are invited to compete against each other throwing exciting traps, in order to win the match. So don't be surprised if there used to be "riots" when playing this game.

You can choose many weapons that have been provided as "riot ammunition", such as uka-uka, rockets, bombs, TNT and many more. You can also choose the track to play, because the choices are quite a lot.

In addition, there are many unique characters that you can play as a mainstay racer, such as Polar, Dr Neo Cortex, and of course the main character, Crash Bandicot.

So not only competing quickly on a track with an unusual path, in this game you can also throw each other brutally with a variety of weapons to tackle your opponent. You 90s kids definitely miss those times, don't you.

7. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII feels very deep in memory and becomes the most popular PS1 game, even though it has been around for more than 2 decades. Final Fantasy VII is the first fist fighting game on consoles released by Square (now Square Enix) in 1997.

Final Fantasy VII is the first game in the Final Fantasy series to be produced for the Sony PlayStation console. In addition, the game is also the first Final Fantasy series to use CGI, with fully rendered characters and pre-rendered backgrounds.

This most popular PS1 game tells about Cloud Strife's journey to save the world from Sephirot. Told, Sephirot want to destroy the world with a meteor.

Well, if you still remember, some of the other iconic characters in Final Fantasy VII are Tifa Lockhart, Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine. The fun thing is, this adventure game has a very long duration. You can even take a week to finish this best Playstation 1 game. It's fun, bro!

8. Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2 is a fun game released by Sony Computer Entertainment, and is considered one of the best games in all aspects. Both in terms of graphics, gameplay, choice of cars and circuits, even the soundtrack music, is packaged very cool.

Not surprisingly, this game has become one of the most exciting PS1 games with the highest number of sales. The Gran Turismo game has sold 10.85 million copies worldwide.

The sequel to 1997's Gran Turismo is practically perfect. Not only is the gameplay exciting, this best PS1 game also has a car buying and selling feature that number in the hundreds, as well as the complexity of car modification options that make gamers feel like they have their own car showroom.

For you lovers of racing games, Gran Turismo is definitely one of the games that must be played. 90s gamers must be familiar with the slogan "The Real Driving Simulator", which is the slogan of Gran Turismo 2.

In our opinion it's not just a slogan for selling, but it's really real when you get behind the wheel of racing cars at Gran Turismo.

9. Metal Gear Solid

The Metal Gear Solid game was released in September 1998, which is a sequel to the retro games Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. When it was first launched, this best PS1 game immediately stole the attention of gamers, and even became one of the favorite games.

In contrast to similar action-espionage games, this game by Hideo Kojima feels different because it's very cinematic. That's why this PS1 game immediately makes gamers around the world fall in love.

What's special about this game is its blockbuster science fiction story which is considered one of the most complex game stories ever made. This advantage is considered to be an important point that distinguishes Metal Gear Solid from other action games.

From a gameplay perspective, Metal Gear Solid is a difficult game. You are told to play the role of Solid Snake, who is a clone of the best warrior, Big Boss aka Naked Snake. Solid Snake's mission is to stop his brother Liquid Snake, who is trying to launch a nuclear warhead that could spark war.

The gameplay of Metal Gear Solid is truly mindblowing. You will be curious to be able to succumb to one of the most memorable bosses in the game world, Psycho Mantis. These moments are what make us nervous to play Solid Snake in a hurry.

10. WWF Smackdown! 2: Know Your Role

The popularity of this American-style wrestling game skyrocketed when WWF (now WWE) was broadcast on television. This sequel to WWF Smackdown has become the best PS1 game that is very popular, and even some people are very addicted to the WWF Smackdown game.

For millennial or Gen Z children, this game can still be played, but of course it's already in an enhanced version. The graphics and gameplay are definitely more sophisticated and realistic.

11. Nascar Rumble

For those of you who have played PS1, you must be very familiar with this one code. Yup, this is one of the popular cheats from the Nascar Rumble game.

The Nascar Rumble cheat serves to unlock all the cars in the game and we can use it to race.

Nascar Rumble is one of the most memorable Nascar racing games from the PS1 console. In this game you will compete quickly on various challenging routes.

There are a number of hidden shortcuts that you can take to catch up with your opponent. In addition there are also unique items that can be used to attack your opponents.

12. Super Shoot Soccer

For you football fans but bored with mediocrity, of course you will switch to playing the Super Shoot Soccer game. The title of this game became one of the best and most popular PS1 games of its time.

Here you can play a team consisting of several countries in the world. Each country has its own "kick" and is certainly unique. Such as China with defenses in the style of the Wall of China, Arabia with desert storms, to Brazil with thunder kicks, and so on.

This uniqueness is what makes Super Shoot Soccer so interesting, funny and memorable for those who have played it.

13. Twisted Metal: Small Brawl

This war between remote control cars has also become one of the best popular PS1 games. Here you will play using a remote control car that has been armed.

The fun thing is, you can work together and play with friends. You are required to defeat the enemy and get the most points to win.

There are various choices of maps with different challenges. Twisted Metal is a very suitable choice to play together.

14. Vigilante 8

Still from the genre of war between cars, but the difference is that Vigilante 8 is a battle arena between real cars or not remote control cars.

Here you will fight each other with other cars or motorbikes in the arena. On the battlefield, there are various weapons that can be installed in your car.

Cars and motorbikes that can be used also vary, there are even cars or motorbikes with unique shapes. The fun increases because you can play and work together with friends to shoot opponents.

15. Bloody Roar

Next is a fighting genre game that is quite exciting, Bloody Roar. In this game, you will be able to fight with “half stealth” characters because they have the ability to turn into certain animals.

This character transformation is one of the uniqueness and excitement offered by the Bloody Roar game. Besides being able to fight with the computer, you can also compete with your playing dexterity.

16. Marvel vs Capcom

Marvel vs Capcom is one of the best interesting game titles on PS1 because it brings together superheroes from Marvel and Capcom.

The superheroes that can be played in this game include Spider Man, Captain America, X Men, Iron Man, Mega Man, Street Fighter, and so on.

You can also fight each other and compete with the typical moves of each superhero. The large selection of superheroes that can be played is one of the attractions of the Marvel vs Capcom game.

17. Resident Evil 2

This horror genre game has become one of the most legendary titles. Starting from PS1 to PS4, the Resident Evil game franchise is in great demand by fans.

In the PS1 era, we can play the Resident Evil 2 game. In this game, you are required to survive in a city whose residents have turned into zombies.

In addition to having to fight the zombies earlier, you are also required to solve puzzles about the events in the city. The gameplay is tense and guaranteed to make your heart beat fast. Dare to try this most exciting PS1 game?

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18. Bishi Bashi Special

If the title of this one game is also called a game that destroys the stick. However, this best game on PS1 is very exciting and funny when played with friends.

The game made by Konami requires you to compete quickly to complete a variety of unique mini games. Your dexterity in pressing the stick button is the key to winning the game.

Come on, who still remembers the excitement of the Bishi Bashi Special game? So you want to play this fun PS1 game again?

19. Digimon Rumble Arena

Well, if this is the best PS1 game, it will be very memorable for those of you who also watch Digimon cartoons. You can fight each other using various Digimon characters, such as Agumon, Gabumon, and others.

In addition to fighting, you can also evolve in the middle of a fight, similar to the one in the Digimon anime. By playing story mode, you can unlock other Digimon characters that were previously locked.

You could say, Digimon Rumble Arena is one of the funnest PS1 games with a Digimon theme.

20. Tenchu 2

Tenchu 2 is one of the best stealth action games on PS1. Even now, the Tenchu 2 game is very impressive for those who have played it as the best PSX game.

Here you will become a ninja who must avoid a coup and civil war. In terms of story, Tenchu 2 also has a pretty interesting storyline.

In addition to an interesting storyline, this game also offers a number of exciting challenges and will give you a very memorable ending.

Well, that was the best and legendary PS1 game that we have selected for you. For those of you who miss, hurry up and play the 20 best PS1 games that we have recommended above. Have fun playing while you miss it, friend!

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