2 MOBA Games Made in Indonesia. Lets Play!

Indonesia should be proud because the nation's children have made a breakthrough, especially in the game world. This year, the MOBA genre game has come from Indonesian children, namely Lokapala and Battle of Satria Dewa.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA games are indeed quite popular in Indonesia. Call it Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, or Garena Free Fire, PUBG which is popularly played by gadget users. The MOBA game itself is one of the sub-games that are competed in the e-sports branch during the 2018 ASIAN GAMES and SEA GAMES 2019, where Indonesian e-sport athletes are quite famous.

Well, local game developers who are inspired by the popularity of foreign-made MOBA games are trying to do the same thing. The following are the two newest original MOBA games made in Indonesia that were released this year.

1. Lokapala

It was Anantarupa Studio who succeeded in releasing Lokapala. The Lokapala mobile game is the first MOBA game made by Indonesia. The app is currently available on the Play Store.

Lokapala MOBA features
The features in Lokapala MOBA are slightly different from Mobile Legends. The features of this Lokapala game include:

First, the 5 vs 5 battle format with the classic battlefield. The main goal of the team is to destroy the main tower in the opponent's base.

Second, participate in e-sport competitions. Lokapala already supports e-sport matches. There are many e-sport events that players and their teams can participate in.

Third, a system that supports skill enhancement and encourages team performance to win the battle. In this Lokapala MOBA game, there is a system that can later make players improve their skills according to their roles.

Fourth, a system that makes teams win games quickly. Reflecting on the experience that one match can spend a lot of time, in Lokapala MOBA there are tricks so that the team can be more efficient and effective in defeating the enemy, ranging from certain emblems, items for skills, to mobilization support such as combat vehicles.

There is something interesting in this Lokapala game by Anantarupa. For example, the term Hero is better known in Mobile Legends, so in Lokapala the term is Ksatriya. The ksatriyas in Lokapala use the unique characters of Indonesian legendary figures.

Ksatriya's roles in Lokapala are quite diverse, namely Tank, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, and Support. Ksatriyas that have been released in Lokapala include Jinno (Tank), Ilya (Tank), Ma'esh (Tank), Nala (Fighter), Haya (Fighter), Skar (Fighter), Handaru (Fighter), Neera (Support) , Nada (Support), Sabara (Assassin), Vijaya (Assassin), Nisha (Mage), H'rtal (Mage), Saira (Mage), Sena (Marksman). In the near future, a number of other new heroes or knights will appear.

Are you interested in playing this Indonesian Mobile Legend? Please download the application on the Play Store or download it via the link below.

Download : Lokapala

2. Battle of Satria Dewa

The next Indonesian MOBA game that will be released this year is Battle of Satria Dewa. The MOBA e-sport game made by this country's children is more themed with brawl. Battle of Satria Dewa is a collaboration between Bang Idea Indonesia and Semisoft and the animation company Lumine.

Features Battle of Satria Dewa MOBA
In this latest game from Indonesia, there are heroes who are unique and use puppet characters, such as Yudhistira, Gatotkaca, Arjuna and others.

If you are interested in playing it, download it via the playstore or download it via the link below.

Download : Battle of Satria Dewa

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