10 Best Drum Games 2022. Sounds Like Real!

Those of you who like to play drums definitely want to always play drums wherever and whenever. However, to be able to play it of course you need a drum instrument that is not cheap. Don't worry, if you really like drums, just try to play these ten best drum games by Carisignal version.

The reason is, these 10 best drum games don't need to cost too much. You only need to rely on an Android cellphone, you know. Just like piano games, games that have the concept of a drum musical instrument will certainly be very fun to play. Curious?

10 Best Drum Games on Android

1. Simple Drums Rock

Simple Drums Rock is a game for those of you who like drums. Without having to pay, you can download the Simple Drums Rock game for free here by enjoying all the advantages in it. Some of the advantages offered are providing 40 popular rock songs.

Interestingly, even though the name of the game has the word "rock" in it, the songs available are not only rock music, because you can also find other types of music, such as jazz. Then, for the drum type, Simple Drums Rock has included 4 real drum sets that can be selected according to the player's wishes. No need to worry about the capacity, because this game only takes up 10MB of space, you know.

2. Real Drums

Real Drum can be one of the best drum games for those of you who love this one o'clock instrument. The reason is, according to the name of the game, Real Drum will bring the players to feel the sensation of playing drums like hitting a real drum. This can be seen from the superior features that Real Drum offers.

The excellent features offered are 13 drum pads that you can play. Not only that, even Real Drum will provide 23 realistic drum sounds too, you know. Not quite there, there are even 30 backsound songs that will accompany your drumming. Complete enough right? Let's download the game here.

3. Drum Set Music Games

Not much different from the previous drum games that have been mentioned. Drum Set Music Games also has advantages that are no less good and interesting. In this game, players are able to play a classic drum set with only an Android phone.

Drum Set Music Games also includes a feature where you can hit a musical instrument called this drum, from Bass sets, snare sets, percussion instruments, to even electric pad sets. Not only that, Drum Set Music Games will spoil the players by presenting some interesting songs to accompany your drumming. Interested? Get the game here, it's free!

4. Drum sets

Want to play a drum concept game with music studio-style audio quality? Then your choice may fall to the Drum set. The reason is, this drum game claims that the game is able to create audio like you are in a music studio.

Not only relying on audio alone, of course other features are also able to make the players feel at home for long playing drum sets. This game is also able to follow rhythms such as basic, big concert, jazz, double bass, electric pad and Africa drum set. What are you waiting for, let's play the game by clicking here.

5. Classic Drum

This drum game, which has been downloaded by more than 60,000 Android users on the PlayStore, can also be one of the solutions and the right choice for those of you who like to hit drums using an Android-style smartphone. The reason is, Classic Drum is a simple game but still fun to play.

You only need to rely on your fingers to nimbly hit every drum set on your smartphone screen. In this game also provides about 60 rhythms to learn how to play the drums. In fact, Classic Drum does not only provide fun games for drummers, even beginners can rely on this Classic Drum game. Download here.

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6. Simple Drums - Deluxe

This time the drum game came from the TPVapps developer who developed and created the Simple Drums - Deluxe game for those of you who like to beat drums on their cellphones. This game also does not want to lose with other drum games. Simple Drums provides a variety of features that players can take advantage of.

Some of the superior features offered are the availability of multi-touch with high audio quality, aka the best quality. Not only that, 24 percussion sets are realistically displayed on your Android phone screen too. Are you interested in playing it? Just play and get Simple Drums - Deluxe here.

7. Drum kits

Not only Simple Drums that offer advantages in terms of the best audio quality, Drum kits also don't want to be outdone by relying on their advantages in offering high quality sound. Not enough in audio alone, Drum kit adds its advantages by embedding the features of various drum kits that can be played by the players.

Uniquely, the Drum kit has a mainstay feature where gamers are able to use the songs on the HP Playlist to accompany your drumming, you know. Attractive, complete, practical, also free. Download the game directly by clicking here.

8. Drum Solo HD

No need to worry for those of you who are not good at playing the drums, Drum Solo HD is a drum game that can also help beginner drummers to play drums because one of its superior features is to provide a demo rhythm to learn how to play the drums.

However, not only for beginners, for those of you who are more able to play the drums can also enjoy other features of Drum Solo HD. For example, the feature is the availability of various drum sets to choose from, complete with 4 audio packs; Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Synthesizer.

It's not enough, Drum Solo HD also adds to the game by presenting the double bass drum pedal feature, animations for each instrument, and of course without being slow. Want to try? You can download the game here.

9. Drum Solo: Rock!

Having HD quality graphics and interfaces is one of the advantages of the Drum Solo: Rock! However, not only relying on advantages in the form of graphics, of course this game from the developer Batalsoft has other excellent features such as 5 audio packs consisting of Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Synthesizer.

In addition, this game, which has been downloaded by more than 13,000 Android users, has a feature where players can record their own drumming. Interesting and quite complete right? Let's find other advantages by playing it here.

10. Blue Drum

Even though the name is blue, this game is not fixated on the blue color in it, right? In fact, this Blue Drum game can be juxtaposed with other drum games that are cool and also fun to play. This Blue Drum game can be played by anyone, including players who are new to drums. Here players don't just beat the drums, because players will also be taught how to play the drums

However, for those of you who already know the drums, Blue Drum provides a large selection of music categories. So, you can immediately play it according to the existing tone. What's even more interesting is that Blue Drum also has a feature to record your drumming. Very interesting, right? If you are interested in playing it, you can directly download the game here.

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